Sunday, April 12, 2009

eh random thoughts split in to lines.

When I turned my back years ago
I never really wanted to let go
I was scared to turn and run
But I sprinted and left you alone
Time has passed, feelings I tried to hide
Are coming back and I can't control them
When your skin graced mine today
So many things came back to my heart
I began to wonder why...
Why did I ever let you go
Why did I decide to leave you
The truth is, I want you back now
I swear I won't turn my back again
The fear has been put aside
Take my hand, and trust me one more time
I'll be the best that I know I can
For now I will be wishing for your soft voice
To whisper the words I am hoping for.
So ready or not, here I come.

so this is really random thoughts just put in to lines as they came out. No it is not a poem, no it is not good just my random mind randomly putting things down.

Good night.

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