Monday, April 6, 2009

thoughts while on the road

So I was driving home from class and well this was my main thought running over and over through my head becoming more and more visual as the miles flew passed.

Picture my heart as a house. Sometime ago I put out a welcome mat right in front of the door. It was clean and brand new. I felt safe so the door was not locked. The inside was newly renovated and ready for guest to come right in and visit and there was room for guests to turn in to people who lived there. Well as time passed the welcome mat became a little became a little worn, the walls inside the house showed some marks, and there was some minor damage but the door was still unlocked. Recently I realized that the welcome mat has been trampled on and some guests have over stayed their welcome. They keep taking advantage of my hospitality so therefore I kicked most of them out, kept a few inside and then locked the door and threw away the welcome mat. No longer was I letting people in, I was pushing them all away. I thought this would bring me some more happiness but in reality I still felt the same.

Now I realized that I just have to be more careful. Some stranger could come walking up to my house and knock on the door then if I ignored them like I have been I could never know exactly who they were or what they wanted. That stranger knocking on my door could have been the angel I was waiting to come in to my heart. So for now the door will stay locked but I am not going to ignore the knock. I will investigate instead. I need to let new people in because it is time for change. I am ready for this. I have done some remodeling work inside my heart and some things have changed but those people I have kept inside of it are still welcome and are still in there.

Well this is enough pointless rambling for the night once again. Good Night.

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