Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday is never a good day for me.

So to start off today I had to be at work at 8 am and I had to work returns again which meant my day was doomed from the start. I have to listen to people complain and get pissed at me about things that don't work as if it is my fault. I mean hell I can't say no to any return so you are getting your money back. It's not like I made the product and hoped it would break on you so I can make money of you and not give it back.

Then on my lunch break I figured something out. The girl I wrote about in the blog before this is persuing me again like I said but I found out why. She apperently is moving to Los Angels for an internship on may 1st so therefore she will be over 2000 miles away from may-august. Then when she comes back in august she will be leaving again to go to school in either arkansas which is 8 hours away or in Lexington Kentucky which is about 4 hours away so therefore the distance would still be there. I just don't think she could actually handle a real relationship so she always goes for what is easiest for her. She knows I don't want a long distance relationship so she knows I won't give in this time yet she still persues and once I give in she'll say well the long distance thing isn't going to work for her. Tell me this why the hell do girls have to be so complicated. Is there one girl out there that is just normal and not crazy? So for now I stay single.

Lately it seems as if I am just complaining about things when really I am more than thankful for everything I have. I mean I still have job that pays decent and they still give me 40 hours a week which is awsome. I am thankful that I get to get up everyday and just live the life I do. I mean if you look at it I am spoiled compared to some people and yet I feel like I want more and I take foregranted everything I have. I feel so selfish sometimes but that is what the American culture is built on. Monetary gains is what the american dream is begining to fully turn in to.

Oh and last but not least I am excited for my trip this summer. Everyone goes on their spring break trip to Florida or Mexico or the Bahamas but not me. I worked on my two week spring break but June 21st-July 6th I will be in Anchorage Alaska back home visiting family and old friends. It will be nice to get away from my routine lifestyle here in Franklin for a little while. I need a vacation badly. I'm hoping the volcano will stop errupting and causing trouble so that my flight will not get canceled but we will see. This brings me to a quote from my favorite book called "Through Painted Deserts" by Donald Miller. He says that sometimes you have to leave a place for a while to really aprriciate everything you have there. I honestly believe I miss living in Alaska for so many reasons but I also love living here for many more so I am hoping this vacation will renew my love for Franklin cause I am growing quite bored.

Ok enough with this pointless blabbing. Good night.

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