Sunday, April 19, 2009

To be young again.

Yes, it is 3:32 a.m. and I am sitting here updating this blog. I figured why not stay up all night and watch movies like I used to before I had no life. Really I have felt so much older than I really am because I have a full time job and I am always so exhausted trying to balance that with school and then friends which means I sleep when ever I get the chance so I can try to get the energy to do it all the next day again. Tonight though is a different story. I am sick of the same old routines so I decided to rent/buy a couple of movies and stay up all night drinking orange cream soda and eating what ever I can find in my house (usually oreo's or chips n salsa) and I am in comfortable clothes just enjoying myself. I enjoy this time to myself sometimes just so I can get away from everything.

Ok first movie I watched was slum dog millionaire. I have wanted to watch this movie since it won all of its awards. I wanted to know what was so special about it for it to win 8 Grams. After watching it I can see why it won. I was so moved by this movie. It proved love can triumph over money. No matter how corrupt you are, no matter if you are rich or poor money didn't matter, in the end love was all that mattered. He won a million dollars which is more than he ever had, yet that wasn't what excited him. What excited him was that Latika was safe and he knew he could find her. Thats something I want.

Next movie I watch was Nick and Norah's Infinate playlist. That was an awsome movie. I wish my life was exactly like that movie. Well the ending at least. I may not be as nerdy or shy as that guy but I am almost exactly like him when it comes to making mixes. I am not musically talented so I don't make my own music but I am constantly making playlist mixes in my itunes. People have me stereo typed to listen to a certain kind of music, but what a lot of people don't know about me is I have a little bit of everything on my playlist. I mean I even have some German country music which is actually half way decent. Anways I'll stop rambling about this moive but one final note, I WANT TO FIND MY "MUSIC SOULMATE". I want to find that person that I will not have to be afraid to play a certain kind of music because they don't like it. I want to beable to hand my i-phone to someone and have them just browse through and like it all so much they have a hard time picking which song to play first.

Now I am working on my third movie which my step sister rented and I heard it was alright, but since I am trying to feel young again (I know I am not old but I feel old) so I am watching Horton Hears a Who. Not much you can write about this movie so I will leave it at that.

After that I am watching cloverfield, then Forgetting sarah marshal. My night to myself has been good so far and has not ended. Its been good to finally relax and slip out of my normal routine life and feel young again.

This is pointless and I have lost my way with words. Oh well.

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  1. 1. I have been wanting to see Slumdog Millionaire so badly. . . Now I have to see it!

    2. I like making mixes, too, especially for other people. It's fun to try to come up a good mix of old and new, tailored to their tastes.

    3. Haha, I loved Horton Hears A Who! A guy took me on a date to see it, which was kinda awkward, but still adorable. :)

    I've not seen the other two movies, haha, but I do want to say that writing all this is NOT pointless. Hopefully you'll keep this blog for a couple of years, and you'll come back and see everything you wrote and remember how you were feeling, what was going on in your life, and see how much you've changed (or not) as a person. That's pretty much the reason I blog!

    One last thing: I think you are a wonderful writer, so *pbbbt* to having "lost [your] way with words."